On-Road Trucks

The trucking industry is the backbone of our nation’s commerce. Companies manufacture a product but the trucks get the product to the consumer. Thousands of parts are needed to produce the trucks and each one must last for many years on the open road.

Denco has decades of years of experience in machining and light assembly of on-road truck components. These parts are machined from a variety of metal grades such as iron, autempered ductile iron, steel and aluminum. We have worked for many years alongside some of the top truck manufacturers in the country producing line-ready components. Denco is a Tier 1 supplier capable of taking care of your casting, forging, and heat treat and painting needs.

On-Road experience including but not limited to:

  • Diesel engine components
  • Exhaust components
  • Intake exhaust manifolds
  • Front mount engine brackets
  • Frame components
  • Oil pans
  • Flywheel housings
  • Engine dampeners

If your specifications require something beyond what’s listed here, we are more than happy to work within your design. Please contact one of our machining specialists today for more information.

Take the time to discover how Denco Manufacturing can provide you custom “Line Ready” machined parts and assemblies. Contact our experienced business development team with requests for quote or questions.