Off Road & Heavy Equipment

An off-road vehicle needs sturdy and reliable parts that can support heavy loading material or sustain a significant amount of force. When sourcing your machining work, you want to be sure your supplier has the capabilities to source quality material and provide superior quality and service.

Serving the off-road heavy vehicle industry for decades, our team knows what it takes to produce high-quality dependable parts.

Our Off-Road & Heavy Equipment experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wheel hubs
  • Transfer case components
  • Axle components

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond just the part machining. We are a Tier 1 supplier capable of taking care of your casting, forging, heat treat and painting needs to produce a “Line Ready” component.

Take the time to discover how Denco Manufacturing can provide you custom “Line Ready” machined parts and light assemblies. Contact our experienced business development team with requests for quote or questions.