Military & Defense

“Proudly Supporting those that Serve”

Machining for military and defense is much different than other industries. It demands precision, efficiency, and strict procedural compliance. No facet of the component development can be overlooked, and the quality assurance must be guaranteed. A malfunction in the field could be very costly for military operations, the lives of those that serve and their families.

Denco’s commitment to quality makes us an excellent partner for machining the heavy-duty parts necessary in the military and defense sector. We are ITAR certified, and maintain high level quality systems to uphold the strict requirement for your parts. We exemplify the standards of each and actively practice the requirements in our facility. This includes a highly-customized ERP system to detect flaws, a formalized preventative maintenance schedule, APQP, contaminant testing, and many other processes to machine a high quality component.

Our military and defense experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Engine pulleys
  • Frame brackets
  • Differential housings

We are a Tier 1 machining supplier, saving you time and money during the process. You don’t have to worry about contacting four or five different shops to assemble, paint or spline your part. We have strong relationships with companies providing services to improve your supply chain management, all of which adhere to the same quality processes as we do internally. In some cases, we’ve even reduced lead times due to our continued business with those shops.

Take the time to discover how Denco Manufacturing can provide you custom “Line Ready” machined parts and light assemblies. Contact our experienced business development team with requests for quote or questions.