Advanced machinery has changed the face of modern agriculture. Tractors, combines, mechanical plows, seeders, and many other pieces of equipment drive the industry. They’re built to handle the large acreage of farms, harsh elements, and decades of use. Denco understands how the machined parts integrate into the final product and the need for equipment to withstand this type of work for years.

Choosing a machine shop that can source quality material and provide quality machining is essential for long term support of customer satisfaction. We also go one step further collaborating with your engineers to improve machining and quality processes, saving time and money.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Axle components
  • Transfer case components
  • Differential housings
  • Disc brakes

As a Tier 1 supplier, we manage and support all of the steps needed to complete a machined part or light assembly. Our Tier 1 capabilities include castings, forgings, heat treat, paint and more. Our experience gives us the ability to work within most designs and materials.

Take the time to discover how Denco Manufacturing can provide you custom “Line Ready” machined parts and light assemblies. Contact our experienced business development team with requests for quote or questions.