Customer Support Services

Tier 1 and Tier 2

At Denco we understand the extra time and cost involved when a company needs to coordinate with multiple suppliers to produce a single machined part or light assembly. We utilize strong relationships with Midwest foundries and forging shops to procure casting and forging materials. We’re also, able to save you time and money by sourcing outside services: heat treating, painting, plating, anodizing, gear cutting, splining, shaping and other services.

Should we have to contract an outside supplier for your product, you can feel comfortable knowing they adhere to the same standards as Denco. We only work with companies that are, at a minimum ISO9000:2008 certified. We track vendors’ quality and delivery times to ensure they match our own internal measures.

The relationships developed with casting and forging companies, as a Tier 1 supplier, has also allowed us to become a trusted Tier 2 partner. Foundries can outsource to us with complete confidence that we will provide high quality “Line Ready” machined parts and light assembly.

Outsourced Service

Denco has established partnerships with many local, ISO9000:2008 certified, suppliers to provide you many services:

  • Heat Treating
  • Gear Shaping and Splining
  • Honing
  • OD and ID Grinding
  • Impregnation of aluminum
  • Painting to customer specification
  • Plating to customer specification
  • Anodizing


  • E2 Shoptech: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Surfcam, Delcam and Solidworks CAD software
  • Electronic Data Interchange: VAN: GXS


  • Custom Barcoding
  • Special Packaging