CNC Machining Centers

Denco currently has 47 vertical and horizontal machining centers in our 100,000 square foot facility. We machine castings, forgings and bar stock in a variety of materials: Aluminum, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron, gray iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic and more.

Please take the time to read our list of machines and their capabilities. Our machining centers can provide you high quality custom “Line Ready” machined parts. Contact our experienced business development team with requests for quote or any additional questions.

Toyoda FH630SX3121 Tool Magazine, Cat 50 Taper, X-39" Y-31", Z-33" Full B
Enshu Horizontal 630 H (with Pallet shuttle)160 Tools, Cat 50 Taper, X-35" Y-31.5", Z-30" Full B 
Hitachi Seiki Horizontal HC630 (with Pallet shuttle)160 tool Changer, Cat 50 Taper, X-32" Y-28", Z-25"
Nigata Horizontal HN 63A (with 6 Pallet pool)160 Tools, Cat 50 Taper, X-35.5" Y-28" Z-25"
Hitachi Seiki Horizontal HG500 (with 12 Pallet pool)1120 Tools, Cat 50 Taper, X-28'' Y-27'' Z-24'' 
Hitachi Seiki Horizontal HG500 (with pallet shuttle)240 Tool Changer, Cat 50 taper, X-28'' Y-27'' Z-24''
Hitachi Seiki Horizontal HG400 (with Pallet shuttle)360 Tool Changer Cat 40 Taper, X-22'' Y-23'' X-20''
Hitachi Seiki Horizontal HC400 (with Pallet shuttle)350 Tool Changer, Cat 40 Taper, X-20'' Y-20'' Z-20''
Enshu Vertical 650YX (with 1 degree indexer)130 Tools, Cat 50 Taper, X-63'' Y-25.5'' Z-26''
Enshu Vertical VMC 530 (with Full B indexer)130 Tools, Cat 50 Taper, X-39.5'' Y-21'' Z-22''
Kia Vertical VA-40120 Tool Changer, Cat 40 Taper, X-28" Y-16" Z-18"
Yamaguchi Vertical YMV 601Cat 40 Taper, X-30" Y-16" Z-18"
Kiwa Vertical116 Tool Changer, Cat 40 Taper, X-31" Y-17" Z-21"
Daewoo Vertical DMV 400 (with Pallet shuttle)518 Tool Changer, Cat 40 Taper, X-22" Y-16" Z-18"
Minyano Vertical TSY-C37 (with Pallet shuttle)112 Tool changer, BT 30 Taper, Twin Head Indexers, X-16" Y-12" Z-10"
Ares Seiki Vertical R450212 Tool Changer, BT 30 Taper, X-17.5" Y-12" Z-12"
Pratt and Whitney Vertical112 Tool Changer, BT 30 Taper, X-20" Y-12" Z-12"
Hitachi Seiki HC 5001Cat 50 Taper X-30" Y-25.5" Z-22"
Nigata SPN 63260 Tool ATC, Cat 50, X-39.4" Y-34.6" Z-31.5"
Kia H40150 Tool ATC, DIN 40, X-25.6" Y-23.6" Z-25.6"
Hitachi Seiki HC 500160 Tool, Cat 50, X-28" Y-25" Z-22"
Mitsui Seiki 4U 63A190 Tool, Cat 50, X-17.75" Y-37" Z-37"
Mazak Horizontal HTC 400530 Tool, Cat 40, X-22" Y-20" Z-20"
HAAS110 Tool, Cat 40, X-16" Y-12" Z-9.6"
Mazak Horizontal FF-510125 Tool, Cat 40, X-20" Y-20" Z-20"
Doosan Vertical VC400 (with double pallet)140 Tool Changer, Cat 40 taper, X-22'' Y-15.5'' Z-22''
Mazak Horizontal PFH5800 (with double pallet)240 Tool Changer, Cat 40 taper, X-28.74'' Y-28.74'' Z-29.13''
Okuma V4020 Cadet120 Tool Changer, Cat 40 taper, X-39" Y-18" Z-20"
Fanuc Robo Drill A-T141FA114 Tool Changer, Cat 30 taper, X-15" Y-16" Z-13"